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Stripping Out Loud is the result of a two and a half year journey through the world of exotic dancers in Portland, Oregon, seen through the eyes of Portland artist Jason Savage. 
This project has been created to portray dancers in a respectful manner, and showcase the power, personality and beauty of these incredible entertainers. 
Done as a collector card set, similar to baseball or other types of trading cards, this 70 piece art project goes beyond traditional pinup photography. The set features a wide range of strippers that make up the stripper
community of Portland.
Once the cards are sold, each model in the project will receive a $200 modeling fee for their participation.
"This was the perfect city to do such a project." says Jason. "Portland boasts the most strip clubs per capita of any town in America, and you can find pretty much any type of dancer here." he adds. 

Jason continues to do conceptual portraiture of dancers, and also continues to come up with more project ideas. 

Special thanks to She Bop, official sponsor of Stripping Out Loud
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